4 Top Restaurants In Chile For A Unique And Exclusive Experience

4 Top Restaurants in Chile For A Unique and Exclusive Experience-2

With a mixture of indigenous influences and cosmopolitan culture, Santiago has become the hotspot for the top restaurants in Chile. This growing culinary city is a foodie’s dream – surrounded by vineyards, and less than one hour’s drive from the ocean – and with a variety of top things to do in Santiago, Chile – there are so many reasons to stop by.

This 4300-kilometer-long country provides hot to cold climates which boast a wide variety of ingredients and flavors. They all come together in the capital, Santiago, where chefs are integrating Chilean ingredients and international techniques which led to the creation of the top restaurants in Chile.

Although lunch is traditionally the main meal of the day in Chile, and lunch menus are all around, seafood is also a favorite. Cazuela, empanadas, humitas, and choclo are just a few examples of traditional Chilean must haves, delicious chicken and rice combos and of course rich Chilean coffee to top it all off. Read more if you want to learn about the top restaurants in Chile.

1. Europeo

Europeo was the creation of chef Francisco Mandiola, and it well-known as one of the most popular fine-dining restaurants in Chile. As the name indicates, the restaurant stays true to its European cooking techniques, but incorporates the diverse and unique flavors of the local Chilean ingredients.

Europeo is located along the shopping street of Alonso de Córdova in Santiago, and they source fresh and foraged produce from the area. Appetizers vary from abalone pie, fresh fish served with urchin, while main dishes include beef steak, slow-cooked pork belly, and delicious homemade pastas. They offer an extensive wine list with global and local grapes, including Sauvignon Blanc from the nearby coastal region of Leyda.

The seafood takes the cake at this trendy, yet relaxed eatery. The shellfish risotto topped with fish stock foam or wild game will make you lick your fingers without shame. It may be frequented by the wealthier crowd, but it also serves a set lunch menu which won’t leave a hole in your wallet. Dinner is either a la carte, or paired perfectly with one of the top wines.

2. Boragó

World famous chef, Rodolfo Guzmán, has completely transformed the culinary landscape of Chile with his unique menu and global fine dining experience that is offered at Boragó in the beautiful Vitacua area of Santiago. The attention to detail is exceptional and the produce is sourced from only the finest of Chilean resources, which include local fishermen for the freshest catch of the day, and small Chilean wineries to pair the best grapes with the dishes. Thanks to Boragó, Santiago is now on the map as one of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants, ranking number 6 in 2021’s poll. Guzmán loves to experiment with recipes, exploring fusions of Patagonian delicacies and indigenous plants, and adapting them to create a very authentic palate-experience. From wild mushrooms, edible flowers and fresh abalone, Boragó promises an interesting and delicious dinner without a doubt.

The restaurant has a full tasting menu with up to 16 different courses, and it is really hard to explain the creativity of the chef – it truly is something that can only be experienced because words won’t do it justice. Boragó has been rated number 38 in The World’s Best Restaurants.

3. Bocanáriz

Bocanáriz is a cozy wine bar located in Santiago’s Lastarria neighbourhood where you probably won’t find a better wine list anywhere in the country. All wines are Chilean wines, and the waiters are exceptionally well trained to give you a deep understanding of the different tastes, ingredients – and of course the best food pairings.

You can try creative wine flights (themed by region or style) and there is also the option to sample some of the top bottles by glass. Food varies from meat and cheese plates, and some other hearty dishes from salmon, steak, and chicken cooked in Chilean style. It can get quite crowded during dinner time, so reservations are recommended.

Chile is well known for its extensive wine selection, so Bocanáriz is a great option for anyone who wants to try the vast variety of Chilean wines, and it is even better for a romantic night on the town. This beautiful wine bar in the beautiful heritage neighborhoods of Santiago is the ideal meeting place for tourists and local wine lovers alike.

4. Peumayén Ancestral Food

This special restaurant is the result of an experiment of curating the ancestral food from the Aymara and Mapuche indigenous population. The creation of this haven has been inspired by in-depth research on the gastronomic roots of Chile, which birthed a menu that combines local produce, techniques and recipes from the main ancestral cultures of pre-Hispanic Chile.

You can expect a creative variety of options from the menu which includes tender alpaca steak, horse meat, and a customer favorite – crispy seaweed and araucaria araucana (nuts from the monkey puzzle tree). It is the perfect opportunity to experience traditionally preserved recipes and flavors in their natural birthplace.

The restaurant has a reputation for its excellent service, attention to detail and the authentic Chilean menu. They also have a huge wine list, which will pair perfectly with the historical food and send you on a deep voyage into Latin American history through your palate.

Top Restaurants in Chile

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