South American Museums You Can Visit From Your Couch

Even More South American Museums you can visit from your Couch

We are all stuck at home right now, but we shouldn’t be bored without any art or culture. Thanks to Google, and different museums around the world, you can virtually visit a vast number of museums on all continents on the planet! South America has a wealth of incredible museums that you can visit, many from your couch via Google’s Arts & Culture feature. So until you can visit in person, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best museums in Peru and Ecuador!


Larco Herrera Museum

The Larco Herrera Museum is located in Lima, Peru, and is the perfect jumping-off point to start learning about the cultures of Peru. This museum has incredibly engaging exhibits detailing Peru’s history, starting with Pre-Colombian history, and has one of the best collections of Pre-Colombian art. You can also learn about Inca and Colonial Cultures here, and so visiting the Larco Herrera Museum is a must for anyone who wants a great base of knowledge for the rest of your journey through Peru.

MATE-Museo Mario Testino

If you decide to tour the bohemian Barranco neighborhood, one of the highlights will be your visit to The MATE Museum. This museum was founded in 2012 by Mario Testino to bring Peruvian artists and culture to the world while bringing international contemporary photography and art to Lima. They do this through many exhibitions and events, as well as the permanent work by Mario Testino himself. It’s also a historic house museum, being within a 19th Century mansion restored to its former glory in the heart of Barranco.

Museo Pedro de Osma

In addition to the MATE museum, you will visit the Osma museum as part of a tour of Barranco. This museum focuses more on the past than contemporary art, showcasing Peruvian artworks from the 5th to the 18th centuries AD. The works shown here range from Ancient Peruvian pieces made in the Southern Andes to artworks from the Viceroyalty of Peru, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, and silver. Initially the private collection of Pedro de Osma, he expressed his wish that his estate be transformed into a museum after his death, in order to benefit all Peruvians.


Museo Casa del Alabado

This museum, located in the capital city of Quito, contains approximately 5000 archaeological objects from ancient societies who were located in what is now Ecuador. There are 500 pieces that make up its permanent exhibit, including scientific as well as musical pieces, giving visitors a great way to learn and experience the worldviews of indigenous Americans as well as show the skill of their artists.

These are just some examples of incredible museums you can visit online while dreaming of your South American vacation. We will share more of our favorite history and art museums with you soon, but until then, enjoy virtually strolling through the halls and exhibits that you will find in Ecuador and Peru!

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