Flying In The New Normal Of Travel

Flying in the New Normal of Travel

The new normal of travel will bring with it a lot of changes and uncertainty. One of the most significant changes will be in how we fly. Each airline will have a particular set of rules, being sure to comply with each country’s government standards, and following the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) and World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations. Domestic flights will have different rules than international flights as well. Here in Peru, LATAM is the airline you will most likely use for any domestic flights, such as Lima to Cusco. So when you get to Peru, here is a good idea of what you can expect

Before Your Flight

First of all, LATAM gets ready for each flight by thoroughly disinfecting all of the surfaces passengers and crew may come into contact with using a solution with at least 70% alcohol. This way, the chance of any contagion spreading through these surfaces is significantly reduced.

Check-in and Security Controls

Check-in will be completely automated, avoiding in-person contact as much as possible. Your temperature will also be taken at each of the control areas – those with a fever will be accompanied to medical personnel for further examination.

Boarding and Disembarking

The process for boarding and disembarking has been changed in order to avoid crowding. This will likely take quite a bit longer than it used to, this is true. However, the benefit is that you no longer have to worry about the guy behind you getting uncomfortably close. Also, the chance of spreading disease is much lower.

Face Masks are Mandatory

When worn correctly, face masks have been proven to reduce the droplets that are spread by breathing, coughing, or sneezing by 90%. For this reason, face masks MUST be worn, and worn correctly, during your flight. This means that your mask must cover your mouth and nose completely – a mask worn around your neck, on your forehead, around your elbow, or just covering your mouth doesn’t count. Passengers not wearing a face mask correctly will not be allowed to board the plane.

The Air you Breathe During your Flight

LATAM has implemented HEPA filters onboard all of their aircrafts’ cabin ventilation systems. These filters remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and renew the air in the cabin every 3 minutes. Therefore you can be sure you are breathing in fresh, clean air during your flight.

Distancing During your Flight

The flight crew will make sure that distancing measures will be taken during your flight, organizing passengers to prevent crowding. This may include seating your family together, and making sure you don’t have to sit by that guy you don’t know who talks too much, allowing you to read your book in peace.

Food and Drink Service

LATAM has changed their refreshment services to minimize the handling of food and drink items on their international flights. For domestic flights in Peru, this service has been suspended for now at the Peruvian government’s request.

These are some of the changes that you can expect when flying on LATAM, and most other airlines will have very similar regulations. While some may seem extreme, just remember that these regulations are in place to keep everyone on board as safe and healthy as possible. So wash your hands, wear your mask, keep your distance, and respect the airline crew, and you will get to your destination safe and sound before you know it!

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