Kuoda’s Best Destinations in South America For Families in 2023

Kuoda’s Best Destinations in South America For Families in 2023-2

Spending time with our loved ones is such a cherished experience, and Kuoda wants you to make the most of your family time. With seemingly infinite choices on where to travel to nowadays, Kuoda is here to help guide you with a tailor-made itinerary to some of the best destinations in South America for families whether your family is interested in seeing incredible wildlife, stunning colonial architecture, epic mountain views and more – all kid, parent and grandparent friendly! We want to take you beyond a beach day or a museum day to really immerse your family in a life-changing travel experience that will time and time again make your family members say “remember that trip?” If that sounds like something your family is looking for, read on to see where Kuoda would love to take you and contact us today to get started planning.

Iguazú Falls (Argentina)

Iguazu Falls

Thousands of gallons of water bend and flow across Argentina before entering the Iguazú National Park, decorated with more than 250 waterfalls you have to see to believe. This official UNESCO World Heritage Site is a subtropical wonderland, one that has been forming for over 200 million years.

The Iguazú Falls are a result of a massive volcanic eruption that created a deep, jagged crater in the earth. Over time, nature found a way to take over this region and created a lush jungle populated with birds, monkeys, fish, jaguars, turtles, and more. Travelers can enjoy several different trails throughout the park, though the number one activity here is visiting the Devil’s Throat.

Spanning across the border of Argentina and Brazil, Devil’s Throat plunges about 80 meters (262 feet!) into a large pool covered by the misty cloud of spray caused by the powerful horseshoe-shaped waterfall. This site is one of the world’s best waterfall experiences, and cannot be missed while visiting Iguazú.

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Science lovers may already have the Galapagos National Park on their bucket list, as this is one of the world’s most phenomenal natural wonders. Isolated in the South Pacific Ocean, about 97% of the Galapagos Islands are included in the national park border. Unique does not even begin to describe this untamed land.

Cacti forests, lava ruins, dense greenery, and abundant wildlife are only a few of the reasons Charles Darwin himself saw this as one of the most curious places on Earth. Life here has evolved and formed its own fascinating appearance, which you’ll get to explore during your visit!

Wildlife observation is absolutely essential if you visit the Galapagos National Park. Popular species include the giant Galapagos tortoise, iguanas, haws, penguins, and even hammerhead sharks. The best way to see it all is with a private, guided tour of the park, which allows you to see the picturesque islands while spotting some friendly little locals. Visitors can also spend time at the conservation and research center to get a biology lesson, and learn how the region’s wildlife is being protected.

Sacred Valley (Peru)

Sacred Valley Peru

Peru’s Sacred Valley is a paradise on Earth. From ancient architectural sites to breathtaking outdoor experiences, there is an abundance of opportunities throughout the Sacred Valley to enjoy during your family vacation to Peru.

Of course, one of the most highly sought-after experiences in Peru is Machu Picchu, but some families may find the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu too difficult. Luckily, the Sacred Valley is filled with unique historical sites from the Inca Empire that you can explore as well! One major underrated destination is the quaint village of Ollantaytambo, often overlooked as people travel from Cusco to Machu Picchu. But if you choose to stay and explore, this charming city offers you a glimpse into small-town Peruvian life in a town that has stood since the Incas dominated South America. While you’re exploring Ollantaytambo, be sure to visit the Temple of the Sun, which sits atop a pyramid of seven terraces facing the town’s main square. A site that once had great spiritual and ritual functions now serves as a monument to ancient indigenous culture.

The Sacred Valley is also home to some adrenaline-filled excursions if a history lesson is not what you and your family are looking for. Embark on a zipline tour through the treetops just outside of Cusco, where the lush green foliage transports you to a tropical paradise. Thrill-seekers can choose to bungee-jump, rock climb, and even take a four-wheel ATV tour of the Sacred Valley if you’re looking for more advanced experiences to share with your family. 

Colombian Coast (Colombia)

Colombian Coast Colombia

From the idyllic colonial city of Cartagena to the stunning Rosario Islands, Ciudad Perdida, the mountain city of Minca, and the famous Parque Tayrona – there’s something for everyone in the family on a trip through the Colombian coast. Start off the adventure in Cartagena, where a wealth of museums, colonial architecture, churches, incredible restaurants, vibrant colors, and culture will leave your family in awe, setting the tone for the rest of the trip – from there, visit the picturesque Rosario Islands which offer plenty of outdoor water activities like sailing, snorkeling, or even just swimming in pristine waters where you’re bound to see a variety of colorful fish and in-tact coral reefs. Head up the coast and visit the seaside resort town of Santa Marta, a colonial city that serves as an excellent home base for coastal day trips and offers plenty for families to explore like hikes, museums, and more. From Santa Marta, the mountain town of Minca and the famous Tayrona National Park are a stone’s throw away, giving your family a plethora of options for a few days of hiking, beaching, snorkeling, wildlife viewing, and relaxing under the splendor of the Caribbean sun. 

Atacama Desert (Chile)

Atacama Desert Chile

The closest your family may get to space travel, the Atacama Desert in Chile looks like it’s from another world. Here, your family can experience desiccated salt flats, inhospitable wildlands, and vast lifeless landscapes that NASA uses to test instruments for outer space. One of the harshest places on earth, the Atacama may at first sound dull, empty, or even devoid of water; but trust us, it’s none of those things and is actually an incredible place to take your family for an otherworldly vacation.

This thin coastal desert, situated tightly between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains, is riddled with oases where it bursts to life, both in fertile river valleys and on the semi-arid Altiplano thousands of feet up above. The desert also has the planet’s tallest volcano, highest geysers, oldest mummies, and clearest skies, which make a recipe for an epic adventure for any family vacation.

Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)

Patagonia Argentina and Chile

South America’s mystical Patagonia region is a seemingly otherworldly destination that conjures up images of magnificent glaciers, snow-capped peaks, desolate pampas, and ends-of-the-Earth isolation. Taking the family to experience some of the most jaw-dropping wilderness on Earth should be on every family’s bucket list! If you’re looking to enjoy a family tour to Patagonia, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of what family-friendly activities are available to you on this epic adventure.

Snow-capped mountains with stunning viewpoints and crisp fresh air are every mountain-lovers dream when they think about going to Patagonia, but few know that Los Glaciares National Park is the perfect place to bring the kids, or any family member who needs to enjoy easy, shorter walks without compromising the breathtaking views. For parents looking to make the most out of the cultural offerings in the Argentinian Patagonia, a visit to a traditional estancia should be at the top of the list. Estancias offer the experience of staying with a family at their property, which often includes food, activities, and an unforgettable cultural experience for the family. Those who want a unique vacation experience in Patagonia should definitely visit the most famous glacier in the world: the Perito Moreno.

Glaciers form when large amounts of snow accumulate in an area quicker than the rate it melts, leaving behind a large mass of frozen ice. Over millennia this becomes so compacted that an ice river is formed, leaving these beautiful glaciers dotted around the world. Finally, glamping, a modern twist on a traditional camping experience, offers you the chance to combine the best of Chilean or Argentinian Patagonia with luxury hotel comforts to help inspire the family to reconnect with nature.

Ready to begin your family adventure in South America? Reach out to us to get matched with a specialized travel designer that will craft an itinerary suited to your every need.

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