FAQ - Uyuni Salt Flats Travel

Do the hotels in around the Salar de Uyuni have electricity, heating and hot water?

The hotels that we use in Colchani and Ojos de Perdiz (Palacio del Sal, Luna Salada and Tayka del Desierto), do have electricity, hot water and heating but it is important to note that due to the remoteness and harshness of the environment, these services may not be as consistent as in more urban settings.

How long do I need to visit the Salar de Uyuni?

The Salar de Uyuni itself can be visited from La Paz very quickly. It is technically possible to do it as a day trip, flying there and back on the same day, but we don’t usually recommend this as flights in the afternoons are often prone to cancellations. If you would like to visit what is known as the Southern Circuit, you will need 4 days (it can be done in 3 days, but the flight issues mean that an extra night is recommended).

What is the difference between the 2 day trip and the 4 day trip?
  • The 2 day, 1 night trip just allows you to see the Salar de Uyuni (the biggest salt flat in the world), the salt extraction process, the train cemetery and the Incahuasi Island (depending on season).
  • The 4 day, 3 night version allows you to explore further and – as well as the Salar itself – see the stone tree, various interesting and unique rock formations, the Siloli desert, the geysers, the Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde, as well as other lagoons, flamingoes and vicuñas. This does involve a lot of driving on uneven terrain in a four wheel drive vehicle.
Can I visit the Salar in the rainy season? Is it worth it?

Yes, you can visit the Salar during the rainy season. Depending on water levels, the itinerary and routes may change, for example you may not be able to visit the Incahuasi Island if the water is too high. It is worth visiting the Salar de Uyuni during the rainy season as you will experience wonderful mirages and the uniqueness of the area.  If you can change your visit to the dry season, it might be worth it though as your visit will be more complete. Please be aware that there is a higher likelihood of disruption to flights during the rainy season as well.

What options do I have for getting to Uyuni?
There are several ways to get to Uyuni to start your tour:

  • FLIGHT: We generally use the early morning flights from La Paz to Uyuni and vice versa, due to weather and itinerary considerations. Flying is Kuoda’s first choice for travel to Uyuni.
  • TRAIN: Some people enjoy taking the train journey as it is a very scenic route, but is scheduled to take 7 hours (it often runs later) and runs only on certain days from Oruro (4 hours by car from La Paz). If you choose to take the train, we suggest you only do so in one direction.
Route Days of operation Time Company
Oruro – Uyuni Tuesday and Friday 14:30 – 21:20 Expreso del Sur
Oruro – Uyuni Wednesday and Sunday 19:00 – 02:00 Wara Wara del Sur
Uyuni – Oruro Wednesday and Saturday 00:05 – 07:05 Expreso del Sur
Uyuni – Oruro Monday and Thursday 00:05 – 07:05 Wara Wara del Sur
  • NIGHT BUS: The bus takes around 11 hours between Uyuni and La Paz and whilst most of the road is now asphalted, it is not a particularly comfortable journey. It is part of Kuoda policy not to include intercity and night buses in out itineraries.

Can I continue from the Southern Circuit to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile?

Yes. We can help you arrange the car to take you across the border after you visit the Laguna Verde.