Coronavirus Travel FAQS

Coronavirus Travel FAQS

With the latest news emerging about the novel coronavirus, you may have some questions about any trips that you have planned coming up soon. For trips in March, April, and May, we are recommending postponement, as information and government restrictions are changing quickly. We don’t want anyone to be stuck anywhere they don’t want to be. We are hopeful that by June this will have blown over, and are not recommending postponement for those traveling in June yet, however we are monitoring the situation, and will let you know if this changes.

We will try to answer the questions we have been receiving most here, however please feel free to contact us or talk to your Travel Designer if you have other questions:[/vc_column_text]

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible. If your tour is still scheduled to depart as normal, and you choose to cancel your tour for any reason, then you will liable for any cancellation fees that were agreed upon at the time of booking.

As the tour operator we will try our very best to re-route the itinerary to make sure that travelers stay safe and that the tour still runs smoothly. If we are unable to re-route the itinerary, we will find an alternate solution, as safety is our highest priority. You will always be kept informed of any changes as and when they are made.

Many airlines are offering flexible booking options that allow you to change your reservation. Check with individual airlines for details.

This is a personal decision, depending on your comfort with traveling under the current circumstances. We are monitoring the situation closely, and will keep you informed of any changes related to South American travel that we become aware of.

Not at this time. Latam, Latin America’s biggest airline, have announced a 30% cut on flights for April and May (beginning April 1st).

For locals, residents and citizens arriving on international flights from Italy, Spain, France and China, there will be a 14 day quarantine upon arrival to Peru and Colombia. For Argentina, the same applies for Argentine residents and citizens those arriving from these countries, plus Germany, Japan, South Korea and the US. Travelers arriving from these countries will be assessed upon arrival, and monitored during the duration of their stay.

We have good access to medical care and contacts with first-class medical facilities. With 24 hour persons at hand, you will be prioritized should you have need of medical attention during your stay in South America. We do recommend to have purchased travel insurance before your travels, which will help to take care of any medical expenses where necessary.

In the case of possible COVID-19, we will bring you to a center of the ministry of health for a free test, and if it comes out positive, you will need to be quarantined.

If a hotel is required then we can assist as necessary. Payment would be directly or via us, and we can help with a letter to claim on your travel insurance in the days following your travels. In the case of governmental actions changing your plans, we can always assist with your in-country (in South America) needs depending on the situation.

At the moment, travel is not being impacted directly. There are passengers that wish to cancel, and this remains the choice of the traveler.

No visits are being impacted at the moment. Some sporting events are being cancelled or with no entry to the public.

As per your signed terms and conditions form, we will do our best to accommodate your requests in a timely manner. In order to process a postponement, we will need your new dates, as many providers will need these to change your dates. The cost of postponing your trip will depend on exactly when you decide to change your dates to – the policies of other providers. Hotels, flights, cruises, trains and others are among those applicable, and each will be dealt with on an individual basis. Postponement may incur some additional costs, depending on when you plan to travel in the future.

The earlier that your need to cancel is communicated to us, the better the chances of receiving refunds from each part of your trip are. Kuoda will adhere to the policies of each operator – flights, hotels, cruises etc – and will do our best to recover as much as possible for you. As noted in our terms and conditions, trips that are due to commence within 31 days we might not be able to help so much, but some operators are aiding in their own ways with the current situation. We are committed to helping your best interests in any changes necessary to your trip

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