5 Handy Gadgets For Travelling In The Future

5 Handy Gadgets for Travelling in the Future

While we are all anxious for our dream destinations to open up again, travel in the future will look quite different than what we are used to. Instead of going to the desk to check-in at the airport, you will likely use a contactless kiosk. On flights, you will need to distance yourself from the person next to you. While all of the new requirements may be jarring at first, they are in place to keep you as safe as possible. To further keep you safe during your travels, here are 5 gadgets that you can bring with you on your journey. (Note – we do not get any kickbacks from the purchase of any of these products – we just want to give you information so that you can have the best, safest trip possible!)

Self-Cleaning Water Purifying Bottle


In many areas that you will travel to, you may find that the water needs to be purified before you can drink it. This bottle uses UV-C light to remove nearly 100% of the bacterias from the water you put inside. Using this bottle, you can avoid buying bottled water, which will save many plastic water bottles from ending up in the garbage. You can also use this bottle to filter water from natural sources, such as streams or waterfalls, which works quite well on hikes or treks! Also, this particular bottle cleans itself every two hours, meaning you don’t have to worry about bacteria build-up inside as well. This bottle is an excellent addition to any trip to South America!

Hardshell Luggage


This handy gadget is nothing new- hard-sided luggage has been around for ages. It is worth mentioning, though, as it’s also MUCH easier to clean than soft luggage. Soft-sided luggage absorbs moisture, and therefore it’s easier for viruses to latch on. So if you are in the market for new luggage, you may want to look at getting the hard-sided variety. Either way, you’ll want to be sure to clean your luggage after your travels, as well as during.

Wash Your Clothes


We’ve all been told to wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water often because soap and water kill viruses and bacteria. After spending the day out touring, you may want to wash your clothes for the same reason. If you don’t want to use the hotel’s laundry service, or if you’re in an area that doesn’t have laundry service readily available, you may decide you want to wash your clothes yourself. Fortunately, there are some items on the market that make this quite easy to do. This wash bag is one of these items – you just put in the clothes, the soap and water, and rub to wash. There are internal nubs to act like a washboard, making sure your clothes get nice and clean. Then after you have rinsed your clothes out, you can hang them to dry on a travel clothesline designed just for this purpose! Then the next morning, your clothes will be all clean and COVID free!

Reusable Nanofiltration Mask


While cloth masks are suitable for running errands or going for a walk around your neighborhood, you may want a more protective mask while walking through new and unfamiliar cities. Also, with everyone wearing masks whenever they are out and about, disposable masks create a lot of waste that will not break down anytime soon. Enter the O2 Nano Mask, which offers a high level of protection, breathability, and is reusable! Even better, this particular mask offers a buy one, give one donation… for each mask that is purchased, this company donates a nano filter mask to essential service workers. So you can protect yourself and an essential worker!

Portable UV-Light Sanitizing Wand


For those items that you want to sanitize, but don’t want to spray down with alcohol or wash with soap and water, you can use this sanitizing wand! There are many portable UV sanitizers, though this one is small and easy to use. It can fit into your purse or satchel so that you can disinfect any questionable items during your travels – run it over your hotel bed, your shoes, or even bathroom fixtures while you are out on your tours. It is battery operated, compact, and chemical-free, making it a great travel companion.

These are just 5 items that may help to provide a safer, more sanitary journey and peace of mind while you travel. Whether you decide to invest in all, some, or none of these items, we will do our part to keep you as safe and secure as possible during your time with us. Together we will have incredible experiences and adventures… as safely and securely as possible.

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