6 Best Estancias To Visit on A Luxury Tour of Argentina

6 Best Estancias To Visit on A Luxury Tour of Argentina

Staying at an estancia, or traditional Argentinean cattle ranch can be a truly unique and immersive travel experience on your luxury tour of Argentina. The country is famous for its estancias, or ranches, which are typically located in rural areas and offer visitors a chance to experience the traditional way of life in Argentina.

Visitors to an estancia can participate in a variety of activities, including horseback riding, cattle drives, and gaucho demonstrations. Many estancias also offer other outdoor experiences, such as fishing, hiking, and bird watching. Estancias in recent years have become luxury destinations, offering comfortable accommodations, fine dining, and spa services. When choosing an estancia to stay at, it’s important to consider what type of experience you’re looking for.

Some estancias are more focused on adventure and outdoor activities, while others offer a more relaxed, spa-like atmosphere. Kuoda ensures a tailored estancia experience, personally suited to the activities you’re most interested in.

Regardless of which estancia you choose, staying at one is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty of Argentina. Whether you’re interested in learning about the traditional gaucho way of life or simply looking to relax and enjoy the scenery, an estancia is a unique and unforgettable travel experience on your luxury tour of Argentina. If you’re wondering where to start with picking the best ones for your stay, read on and contact us today to learn more about how to include an estancia visit on your luxury tour of Argentina.

Here are some of the best luxury estancias to experience Gaucho culture on your luxury tour of Argentina:

1. Estancia La Bamba de Areco

Estancia La Bamba de Areco

Ride on a horse carriage at La Bamba de Areco

Located in the heart of the Argentine countryside, Estancia La Bamba de Areco is a beautifully restored 19th-century estate that offers guests a true taste of traditional Gaucho life. Guests can enjoy horseback riding, cattle drives, and traditional asados (barbecues), as well as relax in the property’s luxurious accommodations. Wander through the gardens or book a hot stone massage. During polo season, you can even watch the daily polo matches. The estancia covers several thousand hectares of rolling hills and grasslands, providing a habitat for a variety of wildlife, including horses, cattle, and several species of birds.

In addition to its outdoor activities, Estancia La Bamba de Areco is also known for its luxurious accommodations and fine dining experience. Guests can stay in one of the estancia’s comfortable rooms or suites, and can enjoy gourmet meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, as a part of the top-of-the-line Relais & Châteaux hospitality experience.

Whether you’re interested in learning about the gaucho way of life, experiencing the natural beauty of Argentina, or simply relaxing in luxury, Estancia La Bamba de Areco is a unique and unforgettable destination.

2. Estancia El Ombu de Areco

Estancia El Ombu de Areco

Witness a real gaucho at work in Estancia El Ombu

Estancia El Ombu de Areco is a historic Argentine ranch located in the town of San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires Province. It is one of the largest and oldest estancias (ranches) in the country and has been in operation since the late 19th century. The ranch covers thousands of acres and is known for its traditional Argentine architecture and extensive grounds, which include lush gardens, scenic ponds, and mature trees.

Visitors can experience the life of a traditional Argentine ranch, including horseback riding, gaucho demonstrations, and Argentine barbecues. The estancia also operates as a hotel and spa, offering guests the chance to relax and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

This stunning estancia is set on a 25,000-acre estate in the heart of the Argentine Pampas, and offers guests a chance to experience life on a traditional Argentine cattle ranch. Guests can participate in cattle drives, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities and enjoy the property’s world-class spa, gourmet restaurant, and comfortable guest rooms.

3. Rinconada Lodge Patagonia

Rinconada Lodge Patagonia

Exterior view of the private lodge for visitors at Rinconada Lodge

This beautiful estancia is located in the heart of Patagonia and offers guests a chance to experience the rugged beauty of the Argentine Andes while enjoying all the comforts of a luxury property. Visitors to Rinconada Lodge can take part in traditional gaucho activities, such as horseback riding, fishing, trekking cattle herding, and learning about the history and culture of the region through guided tours and interactive experiences.

Guests can also enjoy the property’s luxurious spa and restaurant, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the Patagonian way of life.

The ranch covers thousands of hectares of rolling hills, grasslands, and forests, providing a habitat for a variety of wildlife, including guanacos, foxes, and several species of birds. The area is also home to several rivers and lakes, making it a popular destination for fly fishing.

Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, learn about the traditional culture of Patagonia, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the region, Rinconada Lodge is a unique and unforgettable destination.

4. Los Potreros

Los Potreros

Watch out for Los Potrero’s curious ponies trying to sneak a bite of your breakfast

Situated within 6500 acres of rolling countryside close to Cordoba, the estancia of Los Potreros is secluded and beautifully rustic. This fully working cattle farm sitting atop the Sierras Chicas region of Argentina is well respected and welcomes guests from all over the world. The land has been farmed by the Begg family for four generations and dates back to 1574. Today, Kevin and Louise Begg delight in welcoming guests to share their home and lifestyle, providing a unique and unforgettable stay whilst experiencing the rural traditions of Argentina.

With space for just 12 guests, warm hospitality awaits everybody, along with unrivaled personal attention to detail. The main house is filled with antique furniture which goes hand in hand with the white-washed walls and authentic decoration, with each guest room matching this elegant style. There are small wood-burning stoves, comfortable beds, and hand-woven textiles which add a sense of coziness to the property.

Food is provided, with each meal being lovingly created using mostly homegrown and organic items, and the beef is from the estancia’s own herd – of course, a traditional Argentine asado can also be arranged. Lastly, there are plenty of options for guests to get involved in the gaucho experience, including horse riding at all levels, photography or even lassoing the cattle!

5. El Colibri

El Colibri

Gaucho lifestyle classes at El Colibri: Milking Cows 101

Not only has this estancia been listed in the ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’ but it is also a proud member of the Relais and Châteaux luxury chain. Boasting excellent service and a pretty terracotta tiled lodge, families and couples alike will experience the unforgettable during a stay at El Colibri. The 170 hectares of forest which surround the property, and nearby mountain ranges, offer exciting excursions such as horse riding and hiking, plus a chance to try your hand at the traditional sport of dove-hunting.

Children can learn all aspects of life on an estancia through activities such as helping to herd livestock, milking cows, and collecting eggs. If food and drink are more your thing, fear not, as there is the chance to enjoy the farm’s own meat cooked on an asado, taste items from the property’s very own gardens, and wash it all down with a selection of fine wines from the cellar. At the end of each day, guests can relax in charming rooms which are decorated in a unique style and feature bronze pieces from the old English railroads.

6. Estancia Helsingfors

Estancia Helsingfors

Helsingfor’s antique-themed lounge for guests

With glaciers, mountains, and sweeping valleys on its doorstep, the Helsingfors estancia is ideally positioned in the far south of Argentine Patagonia. The name dates back to the early twentieth century when Alfred Ranström, a Finnish adventurer, fell in love with the area and decided to settle there with his wife and family. The history of the estancia, the magnificent views, and the home-from-home luxury has created a delightful and traditional experience for any guest lucky enough to stay here.

There are just 9 rooms, ensuring guests receive a personal and individual service, which are decorated with elegant simplicity and windows which boast fabulous panoramic views of either Lago Argentino, Mount Fitzroy, or the Andes mountains. The area surrounding the property is part of the Los Glaciares National Park, and there are a variety of excursions available out into this beautiful landscape including horse riding, hiking, and bird-watching. At the end of an unforgettable day out in the elements, what better than to return to the quaint restaurant which serves fine Patagonian cuisine such as lamb and trout, complete with a selection of wines from the cellar.

No matter which estancia you choose, staying at an estancia on your luxury tour of Argentina is a truly unforgettable experience. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the gauchos, while enjoying all the comforts and amenities of a world-class luxury property. Book your trip today with Kuoda, and get ready to experience the best of Argentina’s rich culture and history.

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