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I would definitely recommend Kuoda

Hi Mery – thanks for checking in on us.  I can speak for Tito and myself, and I think the rest of our group will agree, that we had an amazing trip to Peru.

Here are some of our personal highlights/comments and everyone else can respond with their own as they wish.

  • We felt comfortable knowing that all the details were planned and confirmed for us (flights, trains, hotels, etc) – The Ramada for the first night was a great decision.
  • The guides meeting us at our destinations and checking us into the hotel was wonderful and really alleviated some stress for us!
  • My favorite hotel was in Sacred Valley in Yucay – the location was peaceful and very pretty.
  • The restaurant recommendations for the most were spot on in the various cities.
  • The guides were very knowledgable and we felt like we could’ve asked them anything and they’d have an answer for it.  I’m sure that Gary and Jose Luis are exhausted from us still!
  • The private van was comfortable and we enjoyed the privacy and flexibility it offered us.
  • In hindsight, I would’ve loved to do the private transfer to Puno instead of the bus.

That’s all I can think of for now.  I would definitely recommend Kuoda to others who are looking to travel to Peru.


P.S.  The weather forecast and other basic information was very helpful as well!

L. Verny Acosta
April 2009
Peru trip

I have wonderful memories of Peru

Hi Mery,

I have finally organized my photos and completed a short spreadsheet of reviews.  I figure that you already have so many photos of the Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machupicchu area, that you might like to have a few photos of less visited areas.  Also, I am sending another email–Kodak Gallery;  please let me know if you would like any JPG files from that site.

I have wonderful memories of Peru,


D. Sedgeley
April 2009
Peru trip

Thank you for all your help…

Thank you for all your help and making our trip most memorable. We had a great time. Peru is beautiful and people are wonderful.

I am sending you photos here and in next email with all our guides. Is there any way you can send these to all. Only missing one is Michelle.
Thanks again.

M. Kullkarni
April 2009
Peru trip

Incredible Experiences

We just completed a two week tour organized by Kuoda. We combined the Galapagos Islands with our tour of Peru, so Kuoda coordinated with Klein Tours in Ecuador for that portion of the trip. From the moment we met our first guide in Quito, to the day of our farewell at the Lima airport, all four of us felt that our trip was phenomenal because of Kuoda. We really did not have to worry about anything, as virtually every detail was well thought out and executed. (There was just one snag when no one greeted us at the Quito airport for our international flight to Lima, but all we had to do was walk to the international terminal, as we had our flight numbers with us.)

Our schedule in the Sacred Valley allowed for all of us to acclimate to the altitude, so altitude sickness was not a problem for anyone.
We had incredible experiences with the local Peruvians in the Sacred Valley that we never would have had on our own. The restaurants they took us to allowed us to experience Peruvian cuisine at its best! All of our questions were answered thoroughly and with patience by knowledgeable guides. And when one of our group needed medical attention (unrelated to the travel), our guide made the appointment, took him at the appointed time, and translated when necessary. Without reservation I would recommend Mery and Kuoda to anyone considering travel to Peru.

M. Lawlor
April 2009
Ecuador and Galapagos Trip

Looking forward to visiting again

Hi, Mery.

We’re all back in our respective homes and getting back to normal life.  Ev’s knee is all better.  It turned out to be a case of the gout, which runs in his family, but he never had a case before, except for a minor case in his toe, so he didn’t recognize it.  The doctor here gave him medication for it the day after we arrived home and it cleared right up.  So it wasn’t a Peruvian bug bite after all.  It would have happened wherever he was at the time.  Please let Michel know.  He was so helpful in Lima!

We’ve run into a number of people since we got home who have long wanted to visit Peru.  We have been recommending you highly, so perhaps they will all finally make the decision to visit.

Also please tell Michel that Ev’s walking stick made it all the way home!  He takes it on his daily walk with the dog and has attracted a lot of attention with it (which is why so many people have shared with us their desire to visit your country).

Below is a link to Ev’s pictures of the trip.  We miss it already!  Looking forward to visiting again someday.

Until then…

K. Amundson
April 2009
Peru trip