Peru Current Situation

Keeping you informed

Last update:  January 23, 2023

Dear friends/guests,

I hope this finds you well. As you may have heard, our dear Peru is going through difficult times due political changes at the beginning of December. On December 7th, President Castillo was removed by Congress, and a new President sworn in. This caused protests and closures to take place in many regions of the country. A state of emergency was declared through February 15th. Since January 4th, in some regions of southern Peru a general strike has been taking place to varying degrees. Here is what the current situation looks like:

    • Machu Picchu is currently closed. Other archeological sites are open to the public.
    • Cusco airport is operating normally. The Puno & Arequipa airports have suspended their operations.
    • Demonstrations are impacting transit throughout the country, particularly in the cities and regions of Puno, Cusco, Madre de Dios and Arequipa.
    • As of January 19th, the situation throughout the country has escalated. Protestors and demonstrators from all over the country arrived in Lima, sparking more violent confrontations between protestors and police. We are keeping a close eye on how things develop day-by-day.

We are cautiously hopeful that eventually, dialogue and agreement between the parties involved can be reached with mutual respect and collaborative work, benefitting all Peruvians.

Kuoda also very much prioritizes the safety and well-being of our guests and Kuoda family based here in Peru, and so this is how we are handling the situation:

  • Kuoda Guests about to arrive/ travel in the coming months
    We have been touched base with each party arriving through the end of March, and encouraged and helped them to postpone their trip. Safety and experience are key factors we can’t compromise. For all clients traveling from April, 2023 and onward, we are kindly requesting our guests to maintain their plans as they are now as we will likely be looking at a very different picture by April.
  • Kuoda Guests inquiring about Peru
    We are encouraging those who want to enjoy this magical country to stay in touch, as we are confident this too shall pass, hopefully for the better.
  • Kuoda Family
    We take care of our people and associates, the core and heart of Kuoda Travel. We are keeping up their safety and morale while helping each other and our guests navigate through these difficult times.

We are optimistic that this will resolve, hopefully bringing about the changes that need to happen. Please rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on the situation, and we will be back to you regularly to keep you informed. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you warmly to Peru when the time is right!

Thank you and warm regards,

-Mery and the Kuoda family

Mery Calderon, Founder and President