This Cyber Monday Buy Experiences, Not Things!

This Cyber Monday Buy Experiences, Not Things!

It’s no secret that Cyber Monday is fast approaching. The emails are already flooding inboxes with sneak peaks at the deals and steals to come. But what if instead of snagging the latest gadget this Monday, you consider buying something a little more lasting like a travel experience in Peru? The science backs us up when we say experiences are better investments than things. This Cyber Monday we urge you to think mind-expanding, priceless travel experience in Peru over the fleeting high of a new material good. Here’s our case:

Experiences become a part of your identity like no object ever could.


After all, we are each an accumulation of everything we’ve experienced – what we’ve seen, what we’ve done, who we’ve met, and where we’ve gone. Our experiences shape us in unforeseen and unexpected ways; especially travel experiences to foreign and unfamiliar places. For example, picture yourself four days in on a challenging hike along an ancient Inca Trail, a trail laid more than 500 years ago by South America’s most powerful civilization. You arrive at its breathtaking finish line, an overlook above a still unexplained world wonder surrounded by lush, soaring mountains in the deepest, most beautiful shade of green you’ve ever laid eyes on. Can a new television, tablet, smartphone, or kitchen gadget give you the same priceless feelings of exhilaration, awe, and achievement? Probably not but a hike along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu most certainly will give you that chance and that’s just one of the many enriching travel experiences possible in a country like Peru.


From the Inca trail to Machu Picchu to Immersing in Local Culture

The value of an experience increases as time passes.

The beauty of an experience is its fleeting nature. It comes with an exciting start and a bittersweet ending. It’s what lives on in your memory that keeps the experience alive beyond that fateful final day. Memories only get sweeter with age. When it comes to travel experiences, that last day of the vacation can be exceptionally hard especially if the experience has been a good one, or so we’ve heard from past Kuoda Travel guests. When the experience has been seamlessly executed and everything from how you like your coffee to what your kids are learning in school has been factored into the daily itinerary, that last day of goodbyes to a place you’ve come to know and love seems impossible. Years down the road, you’ll have only the sweet memories shared to hang onto. At Kuoda, our custom luxury vacations to Peru are designed to create those lifelong memories. Consider the private Peruvian guide who greets you at the airport by name and answers your every question as you explore ancient Inca ruins, slowly becoming like another member in the family by trip’s end. An enriching travel experience will bring you happiness before, during, and, most importantly, after when it becomes just a memory in the mind’s eye. It’s hard to say the same thing about the must-have technology of the moment, isn’t it?

It’s human nature to compare things but experiences are incomparable.


A Luxury Cruise Through the Amazon River is an Experience to Cherish

We don’t compare experiences in the same way we compare things because an experience is uniquely your own composed of the perfect circumstances that created and nurtured it forward. Beyond that, an experience is something you invest in for yourself, to escape the daily grind or to share quality time with loved ones. In other words, it’s not a purchase you make to keep up with the Joneses, as oftentimes many purchases can be. An experience takes on a life of its own through the living of it. Imagine experiencing a hallowed tradition in a historic city that still speaks the language of its ancestors, watching as life stops for a day of celebrating the ancient sun god and Inca roots. Or what about a trip that combines the energy of the Peruvian Amazon & Machu Picchu, two world highlights in themselves!

Choose Kuoda Travel This Cyber Monday

This Cyber Monday, choose experiences, not more things. Choose priceless memories and enriching travel moments. Choose Peru and choose Kuoda Travel to orchestrate the whole itinerary for you. Feel the childlike anticipation that comes with an impending vacation and the joy that fills you as you see new places, try new things, and stretch your mind and perspectives like only travel can. This Monday, reach out to one of our Kuoda Travel Designers to learn more about what a perfectly customized travel experience in Peru could look like for you.

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