What Thanksgiving Means to Kuoda Travel

What Thanksgiving Means to Kuoda Travel

Thanksgiving has officially arrived and it has us reflecting on all of the good we have to be grateful for this past year. For us here at Kuoda Travel, Thanksgiving is all about the incredible families we’ve served and new friendships made in the process of creating a custom luxury tour to Peru for each client. Yes, we are a Cusco-based company, and maybe Thanksgiving is just another day on the calendar here, but for us, just having the opportunity in getting to know so many amazing families, couples, and individuals and their stories is a dream come true. After many months of trip planning and then watching that personalized dream Peru vacation unfold right before our eyes, we feel like honorary Americans ourselves about to dig into our very own Thanksgiving feast with family and friends.

On a first note, we would like to take this opportunity in personally thanking all of you who have trusted Kuoda Travel with your once-in-a-lifetime travel experience in Peru this past year. It’s truly been an honor for us to serve you and share this beautiful country with you. It fills our hearts with joy to know that we’ve contributed to something you and yours will cherish for the rest of your lives. So, thank you for giving us the pleasure of your business. We hope to craft many more memorable custom South American vacations for you in the future whether that’s here in Peru or in the other amazing nearby countries we offer.

Although Thanksgiving is an American national holiday, it’s a celebration that feels strangely familiar to us. It’s probably because many of its values and traditions are things we cherish daily here at Kuoda Travel. Our highest goal is to create enriching travel experiences that bring people together for a time of laughter, joy, and good times, where the day-to-day stresses and routines of life fall away and are replaced by moments that become the stuff of memories, treasures in the mind for years to come. We create this for guests by getting to know them on a deeper more personal level. They become like family to us by the time they arrive to our beloved Peru to embark on their memory-making adventure. Thanksgiving and what this day means at its very core is who we are and how we operate. Overall, we are grateful for many things but, most of all, we are grateful for the relationships with have built over the last almost 14 years.

We’re aware of the current difference of interest that have come to light over the last year in U.S. but the genuine beauty of this day falling when it does is the opportunity it provides to bring everyone back together, even just for one day of voluntary amnesia, where politics and self-interest fall to the wayside. We wish you nothing but joyous moments with loved ones and all of the sweet memories sure to follow. Because, after all, family and the good times you share together are what matter in life. Thanksgiving has a funny way of bringing what’s really important to the surface.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! We look forward to sharing this Thanksgiving and the ones to come with guests we have the good fortune of crossing paths with, past, present, and future.

Thanksgiving in Peru

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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