We all had a wonderful time on our trip into the Amazon. The Treehouse was the perfect recommendation for us and we truly enjoyed our time there. Thank you for your hard work to make it work for us!

The Treehouse accommodations were quite nice and the staff was very attentive. I would definitely recommend it for your future clients. The beds were comfortable, very few bugs and although there is no hot water, a cool shower felt good at the end of the day. We also met the owner, Vance, who happened to be there for a couple of days and he was very nice and wants the customer to be happy. He seems to be constantly striving to improve the lodge from the comforts to the staff. Our guide and boat driver were really good. Ronnie, our guide, has 9 years as a guide and was so good at finding wildlife that we would have not have seen otherwise. He spoke very good english. He was always concerned that we were having a good time and seeing everything we hoped to see. He was friendly and enjoyable to spend the time with. We saw so many birds! Macaws, parakeets, hawks, kingfisher and many others! Also, lots of monkeys, sloth, caiman, tarantula, giant ants (the biggest in the world) and the largest frog in the Amazon. We spent everyday on the boat, went piranha fishing, saw pink & grey dolphins, visited two villages, and a small monkey island (even had one of the monkeys come on to the boat). We did two jungle walks too – one during the day and one at night. We were up for anything although Ronnie would gladly adjust the schedule if we had wanted to do something different. Our boat driver was from a local village and I was so impressed that every time I lifted my camera, he would slow the boat to make sure I got a good shot.

All the best to you. If I return to Peru for travel, I will be in touch.

Merry Christmas!



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