Charlotte,we had a wonderful time.  Thank you for all of your efforts towards making the trip so successful.

Only comments I can think of echoes ones we already gave you in person.  Specifically, Carlos should be encouraged to continue improving his English.  However, his knowledge of and enthusiasm about the subject matter – plus his willingness to work to facilitate communication – was very good.  I would much rather have Carlos as a guide with his knowledge base than someone else with better English speaking but less knowledge about the subject matter.

Alfredo is an excellent driver.  We felt extremely safe with his driving.

Those who may be particularly subject to altitude changes would definitely benefit from going to Sacred Valley as soon as possible.  The way our trip was arranged with the most time at Cusco at the end worked well.

The cooking class was really fun!

All in all, I appreciated that everyone spoke English as well as they did given that I speak no Spanish.  So jobs well done.

Thank you also to Mery for meeting us at the end and for the lovely coffee mug.



We had a fabulous vacation and any suggestions are just minor tweaks that may or may not apply to the next group.  I really appreciated Kuoda’s attention to all the details. All of our guides and drivers were knowledgable, professional, and very friendly.

My only other suggestions are the following.  I was more affected by the altitude than Sally was and wanted a shorter lunch after we flew into Cusco as a headache set in over our leisurely Peruvian style big meal.  I was really fortunate that the altitude affects did not keep me from enjoying any of our outings.  I am very glad we did not spend the first nights in Cusco and would recommend that as standard practice unless your tour group knows that they are immune.

Thanks again for a wonderful introduction to Peru.  We will definitely recommend Kuoda to our friends.  And thank you for the Sanctuary mug.  We truly appreciate that as a work of art after our visit.




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