I want to thank you and everyone at Kuoda for all their time, effort, and patience (especially Edward and Waldo) in making our trip a truly memorable (in a good way) experience. Your personal knowledge of hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc., was invaluable in taking the stress out of our journey–and with all that we packed into such a short time, it could have been very stressful indeed.

Jon did an admirable job of finding hotels that were the best fit for us. Edward was a wonderful guide–and companion. He anticipated our needs, made the history and culture of Peru come alive for us, and was unbelievably patient. And Waldo was an amazing driver. Rachel and I couldn’t believe how he managed to get to our destinations quickly without making us sick or scared. Rachel already loved Peru, but Joe and I had never been there before… You made us love the country and its people.

We are telling our friends what a wonderful place Peru is and what a great job Kuoda did in making our trip a memory of a lifetime.