My husband and I booked our honeymoon with Kuoda for 8 days in Peru. What a fantastic time! And very luxurious as well. We stayed at honeymoon suites in 4-5 star hotels in Cusco and the Sacred Valley and got chauffeured everywhere.

The Kuoda team chose our activities based on our specific interests; I especially love exploring local cuisines and my husband loves history and culture. Our guides were all local Peruvians, fluent in English, very knowledgeable and kind. We felt an instant connection with them and with the country as they showed us around.

I would enthusiastically recommend Kuoda to anyone and especially if you have any anxieties about exploring a new country without knowing the customs or language. They have you covered! They even helped us find a missing luggage at the airport. This was my husband’s first trip abroad and I wanted to ensure we had a smooth trip logistically (experienced backpackers: you know what I mean!) and Kuoda more than delivered. I’ve been backpacking my whole life prior to this honeymoon and I have to say this kind of pampered travel experience is something everyone should try out at least once.

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