Thank you, thank you all!! I think we were most impressed by Peru’s diversity, geographic as well as cultural! Since we had previously spent some time in Peru’s Amazon, we were intrigued by the dramatic differences on the coast and in the highlands.

There is something unique to see every few miles! We could easily spend more time in the beautiful cities of Cusco and Arequipa; Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca are fascinating; and meeting the ladies and children in the highland village was certainly a memorable stop for us. Peruvian people are some of the warmest we’ve met in the world. And of course, the food – we loved it, even the cuy!! The local guides were experts, which, for us, made our Peru tour one of the best experiences in all our travels.

You managed everything! When we actually had to start paying attention to the plane tickets home, I felt like we were coming out of a dream! Jerusha, from the moment we first talked, I felt comfortable that we were in good hands. You perfectly tailored the itinerary to our interests, physical abilities and timeframe. And during the entire two weeks of the trip, the guides and Edson regularly asked about our satisfaction with the tour, showing a sincere interest in our personal level of comfort and expectation.

Your team finds the best guides and very safety conscious drivers! Each guide reviewed with us the following day’s itinerary, and without fail, we were met on time. And it seemed to us (we asked!) that there is a mutual respect between the guides and people at Kuoda, with everyone committed to providing us, the clients, with the best possible experience. Kudos to you, Mery, and your excellent team at Kuoda!

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