We told Mary that it was because of you that we went with Kuoda. You did a fabulous job for us. We think our trip was perfect. We have all been busy recommending Kuoda. I plan to get on trip advisor soon to let the world know what a great job you all did.

1. The guides were wonderful! What I liked the most about both Edward and Manuel was their local connections and knowledge. They seemed to have an in depth understanding of the history as well as the culture. They also seemed to have great relationships with the locals we met along the way. This gave us a way to meet these people and get a closer look at their real lives and culture. Also, both guides seemed to know how to pace things for us—not too much but certainly as much as we were willing to do and see.
2. The itinerary was perfect!!! We appreciated the altitude adjustments, the amount of time in each location and everywhere we went. I would recommend that exact itinerary to others with similar interests. It was just the right amount of time in each locale and we really did get to see a lot of places!
3. The opportunities to go to the village and to German and Aida’s house were unforgettable! I felt so fortunate to have the chance to be with these wonderful people in their home environments. Those two experiences were among the highlights of the trip for me!!!!
4. The food was delicious! I did not expect to eat quite so well.
5. The personal attention from Kuoda at the airports was really nice. It took all the stress and worry out in areas where we could have had problems. Thanks to all those who helped us at the airports.
6. The drivers were all very good and personable.

So, to sum it up, I was more satisfied than I had expected. I have returned home with such a love for Peru and her people! I am telling everyone they need to go visit—and to use Kuoda to make the trip more pleasant.

Again, it all started with you. You steered us in the right direction when we were trying to determine our best itinerary. You never made us feel that we were a burden. You were extremely prompt in responding to each and every email we sent. You did an outstanding job. Thank you!!!!

Please feel free to give my name as a reference.

Thanks for your patience.

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