The country is beautiful. The food delicious. The culture and history were so impactful.  I believe I made a good decision in using Kuoda.  Everything was convenient and enjoyable.  Communication was always prompt and changes were able to be made seamlessly.  Honestly this was our first time to use an agency to arrange and host an entire trip and I believe I am now completely spoiled. Usually I am the “tour guide” reading the travel books, making reservations and plans on my now.  Peru was intimidating to me so I chose to go with a private tour and it was a great decision. Even before our arrival Theresa was patient as I asked many questions- usually one email at a time:)

Regarding Feedback on all the details:

Ollantaytambo is such a beautiful little village.  Aguas Calientes was more than I expected after reading the travel books.

Jimmy Ochoa was an amazing host. He went above and beyond repeatedly from offering to carry bags, to trying to accompany us into airport to assist, to making recommendations- even playing card with us on the train.  We felt like we became fast friends.  Pedro was a competent driver and an enjoyable presence on the way.

The meal in Cusco was the best of the trip I believe. In Ollantaytambo the panchamanca was a true experience and not simply a meal.

Inkaterra was first rate- the accommodations, the food, the setting, the service.   The food and service in dining room spoiled us. One of my daughters accompanied me on bird watching tour. We explored the grounds on our own and enjoyed the hot tub in the evenings.

One daughter made the climb with Jimmy up Machu Picchu and enjoyed it tremendously.

Machu Picchu lived up to the expectation as a true wonder of the world.

The seats on our flights were very comfortable and we enjoyed good placement in the front.

Colca Canyon was spectacular!  I only wished we had the time to stay at Colca Lodge a second night.  Laying in the private hot tub under the amazing night sky was a highlight of the trip for me. The condors showed up and put on a show the next morning.

Thank you again for making this trip so easy that I was able to relax and enjoy the experience.  II would highly recommend Kuoda to anyone!