Apologies for the delay in this email. (Ironically, I was just thinking I needed to write you back!) Our plane got delayed on the 13th and we didn’t arrive home until VERY early on the 14th. But no worries – we are back safe and sound — and currently playing the “back from vacation” shuffle.

We had an amazing time on our two-week birthday adventure, and I know I speak for both Jev and myself when I say we couldn’t imagine a better trip! It pushed us outside of our comfort zone in many ways, while still allowing us to experience a certain level of luxury (!), and I think it will take us some time to process everything that happened and all we experienced! I also want to give a shout-out to Ofelia, who was an absolutely amazing guide. I came away from this trip with such a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Peruvian people, history, and culture. I am planning to write a TripAdvisor review… (eventually!)… and have already let others know about our experience with Kuoda. I only wish that my parents were a drop younger so that they could also experience this adventure for themselves!

Thank you for everything, the great itinerary, and the recipes! We will be in touch shortly!