I think we finally have the time to respond to your letter and give you and the Kuoda team some feed back from our holiday experience in South America!

We had a truly wonderful time during our three weeks away and were so pleased with all the arrangements that you and the company put in place for our convenience while away from home.

All our guides were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and they made the touring experience complete! We learnt so much from all of them and appreciated the confidence they seemed to have in their job, and all the information they were able to impart to us.

The Operations people who met us at airports, and checked us in for  flights etc. were punctual and very efficient, and all the drivers were excellent and we felt safe at all times.

We enjoyed all the hotels, and appreciated the different experiences offered by so many of them, in particular the Monastery in the Sacred Valley, and the Colca Lodge in the canyon. We also especially enjoyed our trips in the Sacred Valley with Holger when we visited the horse ranch for a wonderful lunch and horse riding experience which was a total surprise, and also the picnic by the lake with him and Juan the driver the very next day!

Our guides in Rio, Iguazu, and Arequipa were excellent and we also appreciated the trip to the local weavers and the Kuoda school; that provided a wonderful opportunity to get off the beaten track and to see more Peruvian culture at close quarters.

We would definitely recommend Kuoda to anyone contemplating a trip similar to ours as it made the experience very complete, and we felt so safe all the time.

Thank you to the team, and to Mery as well for coming to meet us at the airport. The photo frames were a lovely addition, and we have so many happy memories of our time in Peru.

I will send you some photos in a separate letter.

We wish you all continued success in the future, and many thanks again.


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