Thank you for all of your help in putting together a wonderful trip to Peru!  We had a fantastic time and were able to accomplish quite a lot in our short time there.

Overall, the trip was planned very well and lot of small details were thought about which was much appreciated (all of the tickets purchased in advance, water in the car, oxygen, the ease of changing anything we may have wanted to do or see, a representative waiting for us in Lima and offering the airport hotel as an option prior to our flight home). Ofelia was lovely and extremely knowledgable as well and we felt safe with Jaime behind the wheel. And of course, Mery’s assistance during the flight delay was fantastic.

I would say that there were a couple of small details that would have been helpful in making things just a little more comfortable.  For example, the meal planning – on the day we flew into Cusco, we had to leave our hotel in Lima before breakfast and were not scheduled for lunch until 2pm.  Maybe a small snack earlier in the day would have been nice? The same with our return to Lima, it might have been nice to have some suggested places to grab a quick bite or offer a small meal given the timing of our travel.

Again, all in all the trip was really excellent and we both had a really fantastic time.  Thank you all for providing such a great experience that we will be sure to remember!

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