My trip to Peru touched me in ways that no other trip has ever been able to do. I cannot even begin to express to you what this trip meant to me. But, I will give it a try. Here goes.

First of all, I discovered Kuoda on the internet and I sent out inquiries to many other tour agencies. Tom was the first to respond and I was impressed by his openness to questions and with the answers that he provided. Others in the group cautioned me that there were so many other tour agencies that may not be legitimate so I had to be careful. Needless to say, Tom had me convinced that Kuoda was the tour agency that I wanted to choose. I knew that he was competent and capable just by his emails.

From the beginning, he made me feel that he really cared about his work, was passionate about what he did, and that he was very knowledgeable in so many areas. He really worked with me in crafting the trip that I felt was “perfect”. We literally had nearly 300 emails between us by the time the trip started. Through it all, he was patient, meticulous, informative, and just amazing! Every detail was taken care of and when I had questions about something, he had already taken care of it and he anticipated what needed to be done. He became a friend and I hope to continue communicating with him until such time that I can visit your amazing country again. He truly embodies the philosophy and vision that you have for Kuoda.

Meeting you was so very special. We did not expect that you would spend the time to talk to us. It was such a pleasure meeting you and I understood why Kuoda stood out among all the other tours that I had taken. It is your philosophy and vision for the company that permeates throughout your organization and the services it provides.

Peru is amazing in it’s own right but it was what Kuoda provided us during the trip that made it truly an unforgettable place. Everyday was filled with something unexpected. First of all, the meals were just fantastic and each day, we enjoyed eating amazing Peruvian cuisine. Lunch with your friends at the Scared Valley just blew everyone away. They made us feel like we were a part of their family and we were amazed with her cooking and gardening skills. Meals at the other family homes in Puno were also wonderful. Even the boxed lunch on our journey to Puno was absolutely delicious. We also did not expect to visit the school and weaving community. The boat ride across the lake to Sillustani was also special. These are just a few of the things that made the trip special. Little things, like providing bottled water every day, was greatly appreciated. I’ve been on tours where we had to get our own bottled water and it really was a problem. We were spoiled beyond expectations and I don’t know how I’ll be able to go anywhere else after this trip. I’m already thinking that I want to see more of South America and travel again with your company. Kuoda certainly has set the bar very high.

Finally, what touched me the most was your giving back to your community to help the people. Being a teacher, I really believe that your children should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Sorry for sending such a lengthy email but I really wanted to say “Thank you Mery”. I’m left feeling sad that the wonderful journey is over and I can’t help thinking about it all without getting a bit emotional. The trip changed and touched me in ways that I never imagined. Just know that you and everyone at Kuoda made my dream come true and that I will never forget the memories that were created thanks to your amazing company. Needless to say, I will be singing your praises and recommend Kuoda to all. I’ve already told my two children that they will have to travel with your company. Once again, thank you for everything.

Much aloha,