The trip was amazing; truly one of the best we’ve taken. Astrid & Gaston lived up to (and possibly exceeded) the expectations and the jungle was a great experience (especially after the high altitude in the Andes).

We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Kuoda and will be recommending you to Nael’s mom, who wants to plan a trip to Peru for later this year. Once we have the pictures downloaded, we will send you a couple.

After talking about it, there were a few items that we would change on our itinerary if we were to do it again. None are criticisms of Kuoda, but I thought I’d share anyway as they may be helpful insights for future visitors that you are assisting.

– Spend more than one day in Cuzco. We loved the city and wish we would have had another day to explore, especially since we were there on a Sunday when much was closed.

– Spend only 2 nights in the jungle rather than 3. While the jungle excursions were excellent, many were very similar, so we felt like we really only needed 1 full day to get the most out of the experience.

– Stay in the Barranco neighborhood in Lima. Miraflores was very nice, but after visiting Barranco one night, we really enjoyed the more local and historic feel of that neighborhood and preferred exploring Barranco over Miraflores.

– We should have opted for the private trek on the Inca Trail (as you recommended). We were the slower members of the group and felt like we were constantly holding our group up. Additionally, the assistant guide had to leave on Day 1 due to a family emergency and no replacement guide was provided, so we were often left without a guide nearby since our group was generally well ahead of us on the trek.

– Lima Gourmet Company provided an excellent tour, but I wish there would have been a culinary tour available that provided more of a “locals” experience. We tried a lot of the local cuisine on our own, but it would have been great if this would have been included on a tour. For example, we had the most incredible churros near Iglesia de San Francisco, anticuchos and picarones in Barranco and cuy in Cusco, but none of this was covered or mentioned in the tour.

Thanks again for all your help in making this an unforgettable vacation!