The end of the trip was as great as the beginning.

We only saw one condor for about 15 seconds. It was a very still day and I do not think there was enough wind. Looked to me like this one condor decided to give it a try but gave up early? Oh well one is better than none!

The weather was great at Machu Picchu. The climb was a little scary at times (very steep, small steps). Clearly nothing you would ever find in the USA (it would be all fenced in). But we feel good that we made it to the top.

Karina suggested that we visit the market in Cusco. An excellent suggestion. We like to get some exposure to the real life in the countries we visit and found the market quite interesting.

We have had trips before using a single travel company and multiple travel companies (in order to see everything we wanted). This was by far the best! It was simple to arrange, everything went smoothly, our guides were excellent and flexible to last minute changes.

I will definitely be recommending Kuoda to others.


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