Many thanks for the support from you and the Kuoda team in preparation and throughout our Peru holiday. We had a fantastic time. We’ve come away recommending Peru as a great cultural experience and insight into important history for South America. And of course, we’ll recommend Kuoda as an ideal travel agent for Peru.

Edwin was fantastic as a private guide. He’s a strong asset for Kuoda. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other travellers. Our driver (I’m sorry, I’ve gone blank on his name) was also very organised and always on time – he didn’t speak much English but that wasn’t a problem, he was a quiet achiever.

The itinerary worked extremely well. Good amount of time in each location, and each of the locations were worth visiting. And it adjusted us well for the altitude (no significant altitude symptoms from anyone in the family). It was particularly valuable to have two half days in Machu Picchu given the second day was quite cloudy and rainy – it would have been a little disappointing if that was our only experience.

In looking back there’s only two very small issues that come to mind that we would change. First, it would have been good to have Edwin’s contact details rather than having to contact him through Marcelo. Second, and this is mainly out of your hands, but the quality of restaurant staff at both Inkaterra hotels was lacking (Amazon and Machu Picchu). They weren’t bad, but compared to the experience at the other locations, it wasn’t nearly as good. I should highlight that the problem seemed to be limited to both of the restaurants in each location – in contrast, the tour guides at Inkaterra Amazon were fantastic. But these were just small issues, they didn’t have a significant impact on our enjoyment.

The standout hotel was Sol y Luna – amazing place to stay, beautiful, extremely well maintained, and a fantastic restaurant for breakfast and dinner, with superb staff.

I hope that feedback is useful. Again, many thanks for organising a fantastic, highly memorable experience for our family.

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