Sorry for the the delay! Yes, we’re home safe! We had an amazing time! So glad we stayed in Amantani as you suggested (I was lost nervous about that) and it was incredible.

Thank you for the recipes! I’m happy to share more insights if you have questions about anything in particular. The entire trip was really well planned and we had an amazing time. I think my one criticism would be Posada Amazonas.

We loved our guide there Raul so so much, he was fantastic and we saw the coolest things. However the lodge itself was a bit lacking. There was never enough water available considering how hot it was and everything felt pretty bare bones. I would also highly recommend telling clients to bring a small battery powered fan. It was so hot and humid at night sleeping was really a challenge. That being said, I really like that the lodge gives so much money to the local community and works with them because that really supports a sustainable view of ecotourism that Kels and I both support. It probably didn’t help that I got so sick there. It was actually my last night that I got super sick around 4 am. We were just determined to make it out of the jungle but I’m so glad Karina suggested the clinic in Cusco because I was pretty sick and definitely needed the stop. Also Kels and I think we could have done just 2 nights there and been happy. We saw sooooo much because we were up at 4 every morning so I think we were pretty jungle-d out by our last day. Especially since we probably slept 4-5 hours every night.

I absolutely loved the Andes probably the best of the trip but that was definitely due to Karina. She was wonderful.

Like I said, Amantani was amazing. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to Puno without going there.

I think that’s all for now. We would love to come back and see a Arequipa and the north of Peru but for now we’re super happy with what we saw.

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