First of all, thank you so much for a wonderful trip.  We loved visiting Peru and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  We’ll be happy to recommend Kuoda to our friends; and we are quite grateful to Jeanne Finberg for referring us.

We were also very pleased with the people Kuoda assigned to be our guides and drivers.  Renato, Erica, Cesar, Luis, Jason, Holger, and Wagner (sp?) were all excellent.  The guides were knowledgeable and friendly and the drivers were dependable and confidence-inspiring.  We particularly want to commend Holger, who was absolutely terrific.

Generally speaking, we were also very pleased with the hotels Kuoda set up for us.  Overall, our concerns are pretty minor, but we thought you might like to get some specific feedback:  The hotels in Lima were fine.  The airport hotel was exactly the right choice for our night of arrival and the El Pardo was comfortable and well-located for the 2 nights at the end of our trip.  InkaTerra in Aguas Calientes was wonderful.  We would recommend it without hesitation to anyone visiting Machu Picchu.  (There were some minor communications problems, but those were more amusing than bothersome and–after all–we should speak and understand Spanish better than we do, so there you are…)

So thanks again for taking such good care of us.  We were very happy to meet you and Mery and–as I said–we would recommend Kuoda whole-heartedly to our friends.


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