We thoroughly enjoyed our trip….  Machupicchu was amazing as we expected, Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuaman were also wonderful…the llama farm, pottery and the visit to the village to take in the weaving exhibition were very fun and educational…   the train ride was tremendous and Juliaca/Puno was a real experience…what chaos…  besides Machupicchu, our favorite part of our trip was Lake Titicaca and Uros Islands…  we had an island to ourselves and we got to oar our own reed boat…  all of the hotels were great and very accommodating/comfortable!

Our mountainbike day was a lot of fun too and all of our guides were very helpful and informative….all “keepers”

On the negative side, the hotel in Puno was very loud at nighttime…we had a lot of trouble sleeping as the busy square below was bustling until after midnight every night…we might suggest that future guests be placed further away from the streetfront…   also, the dinner on the boat at Puno wasn’t that great…  we were the only ones there and the pathway to the ship from where we parked was unlit and actually dangerous…the wooden causeway onto the ship appeared to be in poor shape…  perhaps a dinner in town or on the waterfront elsewhere would have been better..

Overall we would rate this trip one of the best we’ve ever taken…and we’ve taken some amazing trips…   Peru is beautiful and we have already started recommending to our friends that they go and go through Kuoda… stay tuned, you may get some calls…   also, we are looking at Ecuador/Galapagos for 2010 and we will use Kuoda on that trip..

Thanks for showing us your beautiful country!   See you in 2010!

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