Overall we had an amazing experience and found your team great to work with as well as reliable and service oriented, not to mention attention to detail (like a Bday cake!).  The guides were all great and Ophelia along with Orlando made things enjoyable.  Our favorite accommodations would have to be Sol y Luna Lodge in the sacred valley.  Wow what an amazing place, I think we could have spent a week in our little “bungalow”. The service and food were great there as well, and the setting speaks for itself.  The Sumaq in Machu Picchu was very nice and very service oriented, dinner there was lovely.  Our accommodations in Cusco at Manco Capac were unique and lovely.

The cooking class was a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend it to others.  Thanks for the recommendation.

The guide in Lima was wonderful and the lunch and museum visit lovely.  Your team certainly put us at ease regarding transport and other logistics. These can be tough things in a country you are not familiar with and don’t speak the language and your team was there every step of the way.  Thanks for sharing your Amazing Peru with us and we certainly will encourage others to explore Peru with your team!

Mucho Gracias,

Nancy Mowrey

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