I just wanted to restate that we were 100% satisfied from starting with our first contact with you until we went through security on our way home in Lima.  Everything was smooth and entirely seamless.  We felt entire pampered and sure that everything would work out perfectly.  Our guides, the drivers, the hotels, the greeters – all were outstanding.

I do want to point out two people.  First, you have been so very helpful from the first contact.  You are the initial point of contact which is so vital. We could not have asked for a better person to help with our planning and to accommodate our many changes. The other person was Erica, our guide in Lima. Eric’s father was not feeling especially well on the day we toured Lima.  Erica was extremely attentive to him while also being able to give us a great tour.  I almost hate to single her out as you might think that there would have been an opportunity for improvement with the other Kuoda people.  The opposite is true. Everyone was wonderful.  She just happened to be “wonderful plus” which is difficult considering how great everyone was.

Again, thanks for a perfect visit to Peru.

Please forward this email to Mery.  It was great to have the opportunity to meet her also!


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