Jennifer you have put together a first rate exceptional trip for us.. We have already referred some folks to you personally and I told the lady that met us at the end and presented us with those fun coffee mugs what a fantastic job you did for us.  It was flawless except for that Lima airport piece and that certainly wasn’t your fault as I think Phil did want to go into Lima for that wall textile. Thank you for checking those properties for us  The gift was a request from a friend to get an EVOLVE t-shirt and I cannot believe I lost it.  Wonder if I left it on the commorant.   RATS…  Thanks for checking for me.  If it turns up I will pay for their trouble. Thanks again for absolutely flawless trip…first rate….. LOVED the property in Cusco.. and Quito  We will share our photos with you.. Just getting them on our computers.. They turned out amazing.  It was a WOW vacation and thank you for all your hard work and patience with us.   You even came through with good weather..How did you do that?  You are the best!


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Urb. Marcavalle N-25, Cusco - Peru
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