The mainland part was really a dream, David and Pablo were fantastic. Touring with David felt like traveling with a friend. He is incredibly knowledgeable and we had a fantastic time in the parks and watching birds with him. He was so excited to share with us. His suggestion we go to Antisana Biological reserve on Sunday turned into the best day ever – we saw Andean Condors AND a spectacled bear! That was a once in a lifetime experience. David was a great communicator and on top of everything, even when the hotel had a water problem which was fixed, but meant we started Sunday a few hours late. He was also so helpful trying to find clothes (which was not successful, but we tried) during our missing luggage. Also, Parque Condor was fantastic! All of the mainland was gorgeous, and the hotels were really lovely.

The Galapagos were also a dream, what an amazing place. I’ve wanted to visit since I was very little. Peter, the guide on Isabella, was amazing, the 2 snorkel trips on Isabella were the best. The one to Los tunnels with Peter was the absolute best, AND Peter brings an underwater camera and sends photos later, which was fantastic since otherwise we didn’t have any!

The day trips were fun, I did get to snorkel with a penguin at Bartolome. We did get to see a whole group of rays leaping from the water on the return from Bartolome that was amazing!

We were very glad we finally made it, Ecuador was welcoming and felt safer than the US for COVID! We have a fantastic trip, thank you for planning it!

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