I also wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful itinerary for us. Everything went really well (except when the Cusco airport ATM machine ate our card – but we had backup so it wasn’t a big deal) – we loved all our guides and drivers, the hotels and restaurants were all superb, and the we were very fortunate with the weather. Thank you very much for the upgrades, especially in Sol y Luna – the superior casita was just amazing. The hotel was probably my favorite hotel I’ve ever stayed at – the location and the gardens were out of this world! Inkaterra was also wonderful – but I felt we didn’t have enough time to enjoy it as we were only there for 12 hours. The only thing I would have changed about our itinerary would be to add one day in Machu Picchu to enjoy the hotel and one day in Puno to rest before we went sight-seeing (I got a little altitude sickness and couldn’t do the hike in Taquile Island) – but that was hard to do with the time constraints. The train ride was also wonderful. I usually organize the trips myself and it was really wonderful to get such personalized service and have everything planned out and taken care for me (I now understand what my husband experiences on our travels – ha ha ha). Edwin – our guide in Cusco etc. did a really exceptional job – he planned everything so that we were able to avoid the large tour groups and had the sites almost to ourselves. I also got to see a movie star Henry Golding (from Crazy Rich Asians) on our day in Maras and Moray. My husband and Edwin didn’t believe me – but he posted on Instagram the same day so I was right – lol! We also appreciated Mery’s visit and gifts – it was very nice of her to stop by to say hello.

A quick note for anyone who wants to go to the Palomino Islands – they asked for our passport numbers (I had it on my phone so it wasn’t a problem) but we left our passports in the hotel since we were going swimming. The Refugio Amazonas was a really wonderful experience – the itinerary made it seem that there was a set plan for the excursions – but actually we could pick and choose what we wanted to do every day.

Thanks again! Happy New Year.

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