I wanted to touch base and let all of the people at Kuoda who were involved in our wonderful trip to Peru know that it was an experience that we will be retelling for years. Thank you for your personal response to our inquires..for your assurances..for your patience..and for your professionalism. Ken and I were unsure of which of the hundreds of agencies to go with…we did our research..and I must say that it was your immediate response and your manner that initially encouraged us to use Kuoda. The itinerary was tailored to our personalities perfectly. We love the beauty of your country..Machu Picchu was amazing and one of the highlights of Ken’s life will be his trip to the top of  Huayna Picchu. But I have to say that the trip to the village school and our visit with the women of the Chinchero community, who were so gracious and showed us their weaving traditions (and even invited us into one of their homes to see the guinea pigs) touched me deeply and was among my most memorable.


Ken is a brave traveler, however I am not..ha. I can look back and say that my fears were unfounded. Previous nightmares of driving in strange places where the laws of traffic that we are used to do not apply were unfounded because Jimmy was an excellent driver and completely took that stress away from us. There is nothing that I can say that will adequately tell you how much we appreciated Ophelia, her knowledge, her sweet personality, and her eagerness to please. Kuoda made us feel very special and although your job is as a travel agency, the way in which the entire staff attends to the “customer” spills over into a realm that encourages good and positive feelings about your country and it’s diverse and wonderful people.

Thank you and best wishes.

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