I have had a very busy week since my return from Peru. I still can’t believe that I was actually there! I told you that I cried when I finally saw Machu Picchu. It was a fantastic journey filled with surprises. Kuoda was above and beyond all my expectations. We could not have asked for anything more.

The hotels that we stayed at were wonderful. Our favorite was San Blas in Cusco. We also loved El Albergue in Ollantaytambo. I think we had the very best room. The view was wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. And then there was Ernesto. What a gem. We could not have had a better guide. He was so passionate about his heritage. He treated us like we were family. What a very intelligent man.

Louis, our driver, was so cute. Even though he could not understand us, we made sure he was part of all the laughs we had. And we certainly laughed a lot. I hope that Ernesto had as good a time as we did. Cesar, our driver in Lima, was also wonderful. We were not with him as much, but he is a very knowledgeable man. We enjoyed him. Oh Jerusha, thank you so much for being patient with all my questions and concerns. I had no need to worry. I will return to Peru and see all the sights that we did not have time to explore on this trip.

Thank you again for all you did to make this journey so memorable.

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