We had a terrific, adventurous trip to Peru. Thank you for Kuoda’s excellent services.
Relaxing in Lima and having ceviche at Pescado Capitales was a great way to wind down the trip. The ceviche was incredible.
My personal highlights were definitely Machupicchu and the Amazon. Being in Machupicchu is truly a special experience. The intricacies of the city with the terraces, temples, and homes on top of the mountain was amazing. The back drop of the lush mountains that surrounds Machupicchu bring together man’s ingenuity and the beauty of nature.
The other highlight for me was the Amazon. While at the Inkaterra lodge, a pack of squirrel monkeys were passing through during our stay there. Tiny monkeys were climbing across trees just outside of the restaurant as we were walking around. I was also able to go on the hike to Lake Sandoval. While the hike to the lake was quite strenuous due to the mud, the serenity of the lake and the wildlife we saw was worth it. The guide pointed out to us two separate families of howler monkeys. It was kind of funny because I told my friends that I really wanted to see monkeys in the amazon and I was able to see both squirrel monkeys and howler monkeys there. We also saw amazing birds and butterflies.
I actually tend to like vacationing on the beach and just relaxing. This was the most adventurous trip I’ve taken and very much enjoyed it. I now miss waking up very early and being treated to the sights of Peru.
I hope you were able to see my pictures through the link I sent around a week ago.

Thanks again and take care.

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