I can’t say enough about the Kuoda folks, they were top notch, professional, reliable and flexible. They have excellent guides and we had a most outstanding trip. Arequipa with it’s white walled Basilica Cathedral and the monastery of Santa Catalina, Coy for dinner at Chicas, on to Chivay in Colca Canyon sitting in the hot springs then going to watch the condors fly, back and forth across the high planes of the Altiplano up to 4900 meters, where llamas, vicunas and alpacas live in the game reserve, we were so lucky to pet a baby vicuna! At Puno and Lake Titicaca, floating islands, the island of Taquile with the best trout lunch I’d had in many a year and native crafts people weaving and knitting, the clear blue water of the lake and the island reminded me of the Mediterranean.

From Puno to Cusco (I would have like to have ridden the train, but it didn’t fit to our schedule) we stopped along the way at various points of interest. Interesting to see the conditions change from high desert to fertile agriculture as we passed through the Andes mountains to Cusco. Touring the ruins at Pisac, OIlantaytambo, and then on the train up to Macchu Picchu. Spent the day with our expert guide at Macchu Picchu, and then the next day exploring on our own and climbing Wayna Picchu to look down through the clouds on Macchu Picchu. Back to Cusco for a free day to watch the last day of Festival before Lent. It was wild in the streets in Cusco. Off to Lima for one half a day of exploring the Larco Museum and the main plaza.

All of the accommodations and travel were excellent. No complaints about hotels or transportation.

Wow, we didn’t want to go home. The drivers were great, the food was excellent, the time went by too fast. The guides were super knowledgable and were accommodating to our needs and we changed plans a number of times, deciding with the guides what was the best thing to do at that point in time. In Cusco, Mery the owner of Kuodo met with us to make sure that we were being treated correctly and asked us about the trip and if we had any concerns. Traveling off peak was also helpful. We got bumped up in a couple of hotels because they weren’t busy. It rained in Macchu Picchu, but being from Seattle, it didn’t slow us down a bit.

Concerns? Hmm, it was expensive to travel with Kuodo, but I would pay it again in a minute because everything was taken care of for us. We both got a little sick from something we ate. Have your doctor prescribe Azithromycin 500 MG, it fixed both my wife and me right up. Altitude wasn’t much of a problem for either of us. We took diamox from the start, drank lots and lots of water and gatorade, ate smaller meals and moved slowly. Be careful of the high altitude sun! it was Feb and the height of summer, but it wouldn’t matter much as Peru is in the tropics. Sunblock and long sleeve shirts and hats are an absolute must.

I’d go back to Peru and travel with Kuoda in a second. it was a great trip.