It goes without saying that the Inca ruins were all we expected of them and they were so much more extensive than we had imagined.

One memorable occasion was on the way back from Machu Picchu on the train when the “evil monster” took Michele up to dance with him (it?) in the carriage aisle-way.

We enjoyed walking at high altitude. The first day, we felt a little weird but we soon acclimatized and loved it.

Interesting to have the coca tea too when it was made with actual leaves and not just in a teabag.

Mery’s responses and her handling of all the big and little problems were very positive and we felt in good hands.

We couldn’t have had a better guide than David and we really enjoyed being with him. We learned more from him than just about the Incas, for example about syncretism in art and literature.

Hats off to the driver(s) too: we had two on the first night, Edgar and ?. We felt very safe with them both and similarly with just Edgar later.

Overall we wouldn’t hesitate to use Kuoda again.

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