I have only one complaint. You guys are so unbelievably fantastic that everyone else pales in comparison! We felt totally spoiled by Kuoda. Edward was the most astonishingly great guide; Miguel was warm and friendly always; Edson was always there orchestrating – it was such an outstanding experience that really has been unmatched by anyone else.

The trip was truly fantastic. I know I can speak for us both to say it ended up being a trip of a lifetime. I am now a huge iguana fan! I think I have at least 200 photos of the little guys! I really do feel Kuoda is a very special company that is devoted to customer service and delivers. I have had enough experiences (such as being abandoned in Morocco) with travel companies that I do know you really are exceptional – a best travel agency.

I am so glad I came upon your site and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you again, Jerusha. You did a fantastic job of planning the perfect vacation. I have already given your name to three people who are thinking of going to Peru.