We are back and except for Helen being ill, everything was great.  We were having dinner the evening after seeing you and we wished we had asked to see if you could have joined us for dinner or lunch while we were there as it was so nice meeting with you, and my girls were asking questions about why you were in Peru.  My daughter Louise loved it so much, I am sure she will be coming back sometime in the near future.

Really, your preparation for our trip and everything you booked was perfect.  We loved every hotel, the food was fabulous, you had tickets to everything we wanted to go to and more, and everything that Kuoda did was truly done exceptionally.

The only thing on the trip that we really would have changed was our time in Machu Pichu to make it shorter, and I know I asked for the time there so only blame myself, but didn’t know it would be so hard to leave the area.  However with Helen being ill, I am not sure it would have made a difference anyway.

Our favorite was the Sacred Valley and our hikes there as well as our one day hike to Machu Picchu.  We also loved walking through Ollantaytambo and Cuzco which was so beautiful too.

Jeremy was a great guide, and Carlos a wonderful and lovely driver.

I will recommend your company and you with huge enthusiasm to anyone I know who may want to go to Peru, and let me know if you want me to go to a website to give a review.

Thanks again for all your work.  I think Kuoda is truly exceptional.

Best to you,


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