We were very glad to meet you and Tom as well.  We appreciate you coming out to see how our trip was going.  It is the personal touch your company has that sets you apart.  I am still wishing we could have stayed longer, especially in Cusco.  It is such a beautiful city!  I really fell in love with Peru and the Kuoda family is responsible for that.  You all made every day special and wonderful.  I will cherish every memory of every experience.

Since Josh and I both had cameras, we have over 2,000 pictures! We are still trying to go through them all.

I have been thinking about Peru and Josh and I have been discussing Peru quite a bit.  I have put a lot of thought into our experiences. Here is what I have come up with-

Kuoda review

Josh and I travel frequently and I always make all the arrangements for transportation & lodging.  I research EVERY place we travel, extensively.  I had been planning a trip to Peru since my husband said “I want to see Machu Picchu one day” and my response was “Let’s go!”.  However, we had many obstacles along the way.  Our house needed a new roof, so we delayed the trip one year.  I was very unhappy at my job and quit, so we delayed the trip another year.  Our pool was in very bad shape and the pump broke, so we delayed the trip another year!  All the while, I was reading articles and watching every travel program about Peru (Anthony Bourdain, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Booze Traveler are my favorites).

However, we have never done a land-based trip in a foreign country before. I needed an expert to plan this trip for me.  The travel agent that arranged our Euro trip tried to arrange Peru for us through Latour.  We gave them our budget, number of days we wanted to travel and told them at least four star accommodations.  They said it was not possible.  I knew they did not have what it takes to handle my plans.  Other travel companies need to pay attention to you, Kuoda.  You did EVERYTHING right.

Mi Kuoda Famila-

I am picky. I am highly detail oriented and I am a travel snob and you still impressed me.  That is not easy to do!

Tom Adams, you are at the top of your game, sir.  You picked every hotel AND room type I would have picked for myself.  Thank you for all of your efforts.  I really didn’t think someone else could do my planning for me as well as I can.  Everything was seamless!!  Thank you also for taking time to come out and meet us.  I wish we could’ve spent more time together but I was so sleepy.  You should’ve stayed and drank Pisco with us! (That’s okay, you’re coming to Phoenix in December, right?!?)

Rocio, Rosario, Aitel, Jason, Henry, Erica, our beloved Jimmy and Yuri and lovely Lillia – you made every minute of every day of our trip terrific.  You are friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.  Jason & Erica, thank you for the assistance & special trip to the pharmacy for medicines!  You took good care of us. Aitel is a wealth of knowledge.  We are lucky to have had him with us traveling across the altiplano.  We really enjoyed learning so much from him.

Jimmy & Yuri, where do I begin?  I felt like we were all hermanos when we parted.  We really enjoyed your company, your knowledge, your friendly personality and showing us all there is to love about Peru.  You took good care of us and made sure we had lots of pictures of us everywhere we visited!  We’ve never had so many pictures of us on any of our previous trips!

We really enjoyed Lillia.  She was so friendly and easy to talk to.  I wish we could’ve spent more time with her, instead of just to/from the airport in Lima.  In my opinion, Lillia should be doing the Lima tours.  Erica was very knowledgable and friendly, but I felt we personally had a better connection with Lillia.

Seriously, please keep my contact information.

Please contact us anytime.  Ahora, somos una familia! Muchas gracias por todo!



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