We are home safely, and getting back to our normal schedules.  We had a fantastic trip, and we really appreciated your help in planning a great itinerary, and making my birthday extra special with a dinner out at Limo and the Seminaro mugs!  Unfortunately our last 24 hours in Peru was a bit rough. We (mostly I) got terribly sick on our last night in Titicaca – probably food poisoning 🙁  It lasted about 24 hours, right up until I got on the plane, so the Lima tour day and travels home were very tough. Your guide Maggie and the driver were good sports putting up with our problems, and we are very grateful we had the driver and guide that last day.

We loved the Wanchaq market tour/cooking class in Cusco, as well as our dinner at Baco in Cusco, which isn’t currently on your list.  We recommend you try both for future client recommendations!  I will forward you the contact information for the Cusco Culinary coordinator.


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