I am gradually getting back to normal after our wonderful holiday, It all seems like an amazing dream now. I took1500 photographs and am busy sifting through them, it brings it all back. I presume from your comments about smiling faces that you just want pictures of Emily and I enjoying ourselves. Manuel said we should send you the photos we took on Uros of the family we visited cutting reeds as no one had seen it before.

We can’t fault your company and the service we got, we were always welcomed in each place with details of our itinerary for the day, our days were well planned and everything went smoothly. Your guides were excellent, full of interesting pertinent information giving us a real insight into your country both past and present.

They were all obviously proud of their country and culture.

One of my friends is already interested in visiting Peru after coffee this morning. Wait till she has seen the photographs!!!

I will be in touch when I have some photos to send, we are smiling on all of them!!


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