Kuoda is an amazing travel company to work with. Their choice of hotels, activities and restaurants were beyond our expectations. Our guide Santiago was knowledgeable, engaging and full of great recommendations. I highly recommend working with them and will use them again when making plans in South America.

The true test of a travel company is how they adapt when things go wrong and Kuoda was more than up for the task. We missed our connection to Lima (airline’s fault) and Kuoda could not have been more accommodating by quickly adjusting our itinerary and assuring us that the trip would still be amazing. Their quick service and ability to make us feel taken care of really set a great tone for the entire trip. When our luggage did not arrive (again the airline’s fault), Kuoda was also fast to get us to markets so we could purchase what we needed and were relentless about following up with the airline and making sure that our luggage found its way to our hotel – Kuoda was amazing.

Typically when you go on a vacation where you miss flights and lose luggage, you might consider it a disaster. Not with Kuoda and not on this trip. We were taken care of every step of the way and the Kuoda staff could not have been easier to work with. It really was a trip of a lifetime and Kuoda deserves all the credit.

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