This is the first time we have ever used a travel agent for our vacation. And after trying to plan our first trip to South America, I’m glad we went with Kuoda. It took the headache out of everything and we were able to just relax and enjoy.

Tom Carroll designed the perfect itinerary. Everyone in our group wanted to go and do so many different things in a short period of time. But Tom helped us narrow it down and it turned out fantastic!

Our guides, Fredy in Arequipa and Santiago in Cusco were awesome and very knowledgeable and flexible. The drivers were also very good and well coordinated — We would get dropped off on one street and by the end of our tour, the driver would be there waiting for us. And every time we would enter the van, they would hand us bottles of water which I thought was terrific because as you know, you must stay hydrated especially when in high altitudes.

Overall, one of the most memorable vacations ever! Will definitely go through Kuoda when we go back to South America.

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