I am not the type of person who schedules tours. My wife discovered Kuoda when searching for a surprise trip to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. I could not have asked for better. Every aspect was taken care of, no matter what odd request or question I had Molly was able to address and adjust the itinerary and allay my concerns around details. The guide we had for Cuzco and the Incan sites (Valentine) not only knew Quechuen, Spanish and English but his grasp of the history was amazing. I had read and studied Incan history extensively for a few years prior to the visit, he really took it to another level. Every aspect of what Kuoda prepared for us was well thought out and managed, from getting us through airport check-in and walking us to the security line in Lima for our departure flight to Cuzco, to exceptional meals (even on the all-day hikes) and fantastic accommodations in each town. They managed us like children but treated us like adults, meaning we had nothing to worry about, no matter how small the detail. We saw sites I had never heard of just as amazing as Machu Picchu. They structured the trip around our physical capabilities. I will use Kuoda again and I am very excited they are growing to other Central and South American countries. I was also pleased to meet the owner at our hotel prior to departure the last day; it showed me she was focused on the details of how her clients felt.

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