We looked into a number of travel companies to arrange our week long trip to Peru. Kuoda Travel was the most responsive and offered great advice. They arranged for all of our hotels, flights, ground transportation, guides, tours and many meals. We wanted to be “well taken care of” and Kuoda exceeded our expectations.

By the end of our trip, the guides and drivers were like friends. Kuoda is a little more expensive than the group travel companies since it arranges for a personal tour with quality accommodation and meals. Our tour was one of the best we have taken and was worth every penny we spent. There is not one thing we would have changed about this trip except it was too short.

We should have stayed one more day in Lima, one more day in Cusco, and one more day in Aqua Calientes. Our itinerary included two nights in Lima at the beginning of the trip, two nights in Cusco, one night in Aqua Calientes (Machu Picchu), and one night in Cusco and one night in Lima on the return.