I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to Kuoda travel. This travel agency was absolutely for me. And thank you to tripadvisor because I booked with them because of all the past reviews I have read. Sometimes I do not agree occasionaly with the good reviews on some of the attractions and restaurants on tripadvisor but this was one a real gem found on the Peru section. I had been in discussion with Kuoda over a span of year from the time I was interested in going to finally deciding on a trip and all the details of the trip.

I usually never book with a travel agency. I am an avid researcher and very good organizer and also I work in production and travel all over the world so I work in a very similar kind of business to travel agency work. I normally organize all of my trips, but realized very quickly that I would need help once I was reading information on how to get to here and there. and all the things I wanted to do, esp the shopping. I hate big groups and I am a very my own pace kind of person, so we were so happy we had our own private guide and driver.

And the gorgeous thing was Mery comes to meet you (the owner of Kuoda) when you arrive to Cusco and she checks your intinerary that was made for you, and she re adjusted details to suit what I wanted on our trip when we arrived. She knew our budget was tight so she was so helpful to make things possible for us, and also she re arranged the schedule so I could have more time at the Pisac market and do things that were more appropriate for me. She was even so kind enough to give us the guide an extra morning to help us shop in Cusco!And our Guide Ofelia was an angel. We absolutely fell in love with her. We were so lucky because my fiance is Italian speaking and does not understand english so great. We had originally asked if there was someone that spoke italian which they said they didnt have.

But we were so lucky that Ofelia actually also speaks Italian! It was so amazing. And Ofelia also further re adjusted our itinerary to match what we wanted to do on our trip. I never felt they were counting the hours, or that I paid for a certain time frame and thats all you get. They were so flexible according to the feeling of the day. It was really made for us. I am sure and also have heard of other people struggling because they had to follow a certain schedule and because they were with a group they had to follow the herd. But we were so lucky to have such a personalized and tailored trip for us. Esp for me, since I wanted to re decorate my apartment in a peruvian style, so I had a lot of shopping to do in the Pisac market and also the Cusco market. Finally ofelia realized the style I loved and she re adjusted the intinerary so we could go buy rugs and blankets in chinchero, where she also took us to one of the most amazing churches I ever saw in my life. And also the type of blankets I wanted were from this town, so the price was much better here.

Also, Kouoda really helped to work with me with my budget, and I feel like their service is very well worth the money you pay to them. It was luxurious to have a private driver, and private guide amongst all the people that were there on their own and trying to listen in to what our guide was explaining. And also the big groups did not look like any fun at all. Anyway, I really feel lucky we bit the bullet and decided to go and pay for a travel agency to organize everything. It was money more than well spent. I would have been stressed trying to organize transport from one place to the other and would not have been able to sit back and enjoy the places. I also like the fact that Kuoda is a Peruvian company. Mery is from Cusco so I really felt comfortable being welcomed by people from the place I am visiting. We had 12 amazing days and we will never forget it. I would definitely Use Kuoda travel again. They really care, and they really help with all the details. Even when i was leaving and had tons of over baggage, they helped me deal with the airlines and advised me how to handle the situation. Really top class! thank you so much Kuoda!

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