It’s not the little things Kuoda does that makes a difference, it’s everything. From the start of the booking process with the level of information provided and their flexibility, to the final goodbye after touring with each guide, the experience and their service is just exceptional and exceeded all our expectations.

Mery, as Managing Director, has a wonderful team working with her and she sets the standard like her visiting our group with a doctor when two of us were ill and somehow achieving multiple room upgrades for us. It’s obvious that Kuoda is not only popular with those who tour with them but also the properties where Kuoda guests stay.

The final itinerary suggested, after our input, was just perfect for the amount of activities and leisure time. The guides are all very knowledgeable and pitch the level of information provided perfectly. They are also very friendly, good humored and very caring.

The drivers were all excellent and the properties at which we stayed were comfortable and close to the main attractions or organized to reduce travel stress. Rather than just a generic itinerary, Kuoda appear to really think about each individual program to make sure each guest has the best possible experience.

They may be somewhat more expensive than some others but you pay for what you get and what you get with Kuoda is fabulous value for money and a brilliant holiday experience.

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